Residential Construction


At Jorgensen-Reeve Builders, we believe your home should be a joy to live in. More than that, we believe the process of building or improving it should be a joy to experience. We offer a complete turnkey service, from initial design concept to final delivery. And we are flexible; if you prefer to use your own designer or architect, we are happy to coordinate our efforts with your design professional. JRB specializes in projects with high client involvement and design team integration. We can duplicate the look from a picture you have or create something totally unique – anything is possible. From the day you become our client, we assist you through every stage to ensure a successful outcome that fulfills your vision.


To build or renovate a home that works for you, we need to know your vision. What have you always wanted in a home? Your concepts, tastes and comforts will serve as our guide. We draw the plans; you’ll talk with our architectural team, or show them plans you have already commissioned. We’ll meet, talk, review, refine. Very soon, you’ll have your initial plan, which we’ll work on together to sculpt into a design you are thrilled with. Have an existing relationship with a designer? JRB is happy to assist and coordinate with your trusted advisor.


Are you looking for a contractor that does what they say when they say they will do it? At Jorgensen-Reeve Builders, we ensure reliability through our people, our leadership and our vision for the future. JRB is a family business with employees that share a common set of values about the importance of honesty, customer service and pride in one’s work. At JRB, our construction professionals handle every project with excellent leadership and responsible business practices.