August 2017 Update

Hello again everyone, just a quick August update on all of JRB’s current projects.


York Oxy Arts
We’ll update you with the latest and greatest in the upcoming blog’s.

Monrovia Train Depot
The train depot is moving along, the canopy platform & walls have been poured, the canopy itself has been erected. The interior has drywall and currently being taped and finished. Monrovia Train Depot Gallery

Equinox Market St. (San Francisco)
The club is continuing strong, multiple phases, day and night work has made this project an exciting challenge, that we’re excited to be a part of. The Executive Locker Rooms have been turned over to the membership.

Construction Management Corner
JRB has been asked to review some initial design concepts for The California Club. The club wants to renovate their amenities and other portions of their club. The project is still in the preliminary design phase as of now, and we’ll update you as things progress.

That’s it for now, we’ll have a bigger blast in September, and let everyone know how we’re progressing and what’s coming down the pipeline. Until then enjoy your summer days, and try to stay cool!

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